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Send tips to multiple members of your
community at once with a Tip Party.

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How It Works

Create a tip room
Create a Tip Room
Invite people
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your Tip Room
start tipping
Let the Tip party begin!


Why did you build Tip.Party?

The Moonshot Collective built it because we wanted to use it ourselves. We have many community members from across the Ethereum ecosystem, and wanted a universal way to reward engagement in the Collective.

I want to use Tip.Party for my own community. Is that cool?

Yes aboslutely, please go ahead. After you do, let us know what you think.

Where does the 0.1 ETH to ‘become a distributor’ go? Why would I want to pay that?

You can host your own Tip.Party once you pay the 0.1 ETH fee! All funding goes to funding public goods on Gitcoin Grants.

How can I get in touch?

Join our telegram here.