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Tip Party allows you to reward event participants all at once with tokens, using a simple interface.

How it works

Are you looking to incentivize team members for participating in a meeting? Or say thank you to a group coordinating an event? You can even dish out tokens to the people who attend your conference.

That’s what Tip Party is for!

You’re a Host

step by step

Step 1

Go to Tip.Party and connect your wallet.

Step 2

FIll out the “Room Name” field and select “Create Room”.

Step 3

Send the room’s link to your participants, or give them the room name to enter on Tip.Party.

Step 4

Once they connect their wallet and enter the room it’s time to Party! You can manually add participants too.

Step 5

Fund your room with your preferred token, and set the total amount to be evenly distributed. Don’t be stingy!

Step 6

Select “Distribute” and watch the magic happen! A transaction hash will be available under the “Payouts” tab to track payments.

You’re a Guest

step by step

Step 1

Get the room link from the Tip Party host. Or, go to Tip.Party with the room name.

Step 2

Connect your wallet and select “Join Room”.

Step 3

Sign into the room. This will add your wallet address to the Party.

Step 4

Once the Host distributes the tokens, check your wallet for your tokens!

Experimental capabilities

As a simple tool for rewarding participants, Tip Party can’t be beat! But there are interesting implications to what you can do depending on UX. Our current version allows some experimental options that may or may not fit your use case. Proceed with caution! And reach out to us on Telegram with questions or feedback.

Role changes

It’s possible for Tip Rooms to have more than one Host. The Host role allows the user to manually add participants to the room (only they can see), and fund and tip the room.

Guests may change their role to Host so they may have those capabilities too. Conversely Hosts may also change their role to Guest to enter the room and receive tips.

Import addresses

Hosts have the ability to manually add Ethereum addresses to the Tip Party Room. This occurs on the Host’s local machine, so the addresses will not show up for other Hosts and Guests in that Room. Imported addresses will only receive tips from the Host who added them.


Are there addresses in the room you wish not to tip? Simply “x” out their name and they won’t be included in the tips you send. This only affects local storage, so other Hosts may still send tips to addresses you blocked

Import ERC20

Which tokens can you tip with? Any ERC20 you wish! Tip Party provides several popular options right out of the box. Or select “Import ERC20” to add your own. Make sure to use the correct token contract address.

Change Networks

Hosts can send ERC20 tokens on any Ethereum network they choose. No action is required on the Guest side when this happens.

Have questions? Reach out to the project devs on Telegram